a Cheeky nod to self control, overindulgence and the idea that life should be filled with sweet things


Our Story &

Founded by Robyn Blair Lazer, by robynblair was born from a single work of art, which Lazer created for herself. The piece that started it all was an acrylic vessel with a Dubble Bubble interior and a phrase splashed across the front: “In Case Of Emergency Break Glass.” This iconic phrase went on to become by robynblair's signature.

Custom orders and bespoke requests quickly turned by robynblair into a global sensation, attracting interest from critics and collectors around the world. Lazer’s work has been recognized by international publications ranging from Forbes to Architectural Digest, and showcased in iconic stores like Bergdorf Goodman and Harry Winston.

Fine Art &

The fine art brand has since expanded its offerings into acrylic candy dishes, fine jewelry, fine art prints, and glass sculptures. More designs are coming soon—Lazer is always creating something new.