How long does it take to receive my piece?

We aim to deliver your piece within 4-6 weeks of payment. Each piece is hand made especially for you.

Is it real candy?

Yes! All of our candy is the real thing.

Is shipping included in pricing?

Shipping costs are extra and calculated at checkout based on size and weight of your piece, as well as where it’s being sent.

Does the candy go bad?

We take a number of precautions to ensure your art never goes bad. First, we use only packaged candy, never loose. We also use a special glue to help preserve the piece, and then use an expert plexiglass manufacturer to tightly seal it, making sure nothing can get in or out. Finally, we recommend that your piece be kept at room temperature and out of direct sunlight, as is the case with most fine art.

Can I just buy the box and fill it myself?

While this sounds cost-efficient, unfortunately for some, this isn’t how our pieces work! “Boxes” are not pre-made and packed with candy. Every single shell is custom cut and content is purposefully placed for each piece. The sealing technique and special glue are part of our secret formula that help ensure you have a timeless and quality piece of art.

How do I hang my art?

We have designed the back of each piece to allow for easy hanging. However, you will still need nails and tools to properly secure your art to the wall. For the two largest sizes of our custom artwork (20 x28" and 24x36”), we recommend using a footer to balance some of the weight and/or consulting a professional.