Ordering Swatches

We offer swatches of all of our wallpapers and you can order as many as you’d like! Once you have found the wallpapers you love, please email  to order the swatches!

Seeing the pattern

We have taken the time to cut each swatch to show the best representation of the pattern/repeat.

We also have an archive of images from previous clients. Please email and we will provide any further images we may have

Deciding How Much You Need

We recommend you get your space professionally measured in order to determine how many rolls you need. You can email us at hello@byrobynblair with the measurements and we can offer our recommendation.

Wallpaper Lead Times

Our wallpaper is printed to order within a one week lead time. Expedited orders and shipping is available, please email  to inquire.

Notes for the Installer

We recommend working with a professional wallpaper installer.

Our repeats are listed horizontal by vertical. So a 22.75”x96” repeat is 22.75” horizontal and 96” vertical.

For additional questions on installation, please email


If your wallpaper gets dirty you can wipe clean with a soft damp sponge or cloth with a little bit of soap if necessary. We do not recommend wallpapering in a place where a lot of moisture will be present.

Wallpaper for Designers

If you are a designer, please choose your wallpaper and email with your order or inquiry.